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Sod Installation Watering and Mowing New Lawn Turf Sod
Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm
Sod Installation

When rolling out sod rolls, stagger the rolls so you do not have even seams. Make sure the seams are tight to each other. If you need to cut or piece the sod, use a knife and cut from the dirt side (careful not to cut yourself).

After you have finished rolling the sod out and the yard is now installed, we suggest “rolling” the lawn with a lawn roller. This gets air pockets and foot prints out (rollers can be rented fairly reasonably).


This is the most important step, WATER. Special attention should be paid to outside areas. These areas are usually hard to get to and have the tendency not to get enough eaters. Around trees and bushes are very important areas also. The secret is to be sure to get all of the lawn by overlapping the water pattern. The entire lawn should be soaked with at least one (1) inch of water three (3) times a week for a month. After the first month, watering should be done on a weekly basis or more if needed. We suggest fertilizing every four (4) to six (6) weeks after installation, using 10-10-10 fertilizer. Again, paying extra attention to watering. Sod is a living plant and should be treated as one.


Mowing can be done as early as ten (10) days after installation. Make sure you DO NOT use a mulcher mower and mow at the highest setting. Be extra careful around seams and edges. A well groomed lawn is mowed at 1 1/2 to 3 inches high. The grass will get thick and have a “carpet” look. Mowing is also one of the best weed controllers around. You should not have more than 1/2 inch of clippings after mowing. This might mean mowing several times a week during peak growing times, but you will also have the best looking lawn around. The 1/2 inch clippings are good to leave on your lawn; it is an organic fertilizer, putting nitrogen back into your lawn. If you should get “clumps” of clippings, go ahead and pick them up.

Weed Control

With good mowing and fertilizing practices very little weed control is necessary. In the spring approximately after three (3) mowing’s, put down a “weed and feed”. This can be purchased at any nursery or discount retail store.


By following these suggestions you should have a beautiful lawn year after year.
Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm
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Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm
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Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm Sod for Lawns | AGA Sod Farm